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Tenant Policies

Tenant Policies

For your convenience and reference, we have listed some of our policies for our tenants. Please remember that you are required to adhere to these policies at all times.

As this is not a complete comprehensive list of our policies and regulations, please consult the Residential Tenancy Agreement that you signed when you first moved in. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.

Utilities and Services

  1. The tenant agrees to move utilities and services over into their name immediately and retroactively to the commencement date of this agreement and agrees not to disconnect any of the utilities until the last day of the agreement.

  2. The tenant agrees to provide Alberta Property Management Solutions Inc. with account numbers within 2 business days of signing the lease. Failure to do so will result in administration fees of a minimum of $50.00/day for each day.

  3. If the use of the provided utilities and services exceed a 20% increase over historical averages for the unit, the tenant accepts responsibility for the additional costs to the owner or accepts an increase in the rent to allow the Landlord to recover these costs, plus back charges to the beginning of their lease, for the remainder of their lease.

Persons for whom tenant is responsible

The tenant is responsible for any person or persons who are upon or occupying the Premises, the common areas, or any other part of the Owner's premises. The tenant is also responsible to supervise any persons who enter the premises whether for the purpose of visiting the tenant, making deliveries, repairs or attending upon the premises for any other reason. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the tenant is / responsible for all members of his family, guests, servants, employees, agents, invitees, or similar persons upon the premises.

Parking and Automobiles

The Tenant shall park his automobile only in the space or area allotted for him from time to time by the Landlord at the tenant's own risk. The tenant and all persons for whom the tenant is responsible, shall use only existing roadways and parking areas intended for use by automobiles and shall neither operate nor park any automobile on any other part of the Landlord's premises. For the purpose of this clause, "automobile" includes railers, trucks, campers, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles and motorcycles, as well as passenger cars.

Inspection of the Premises

The Landlord and the tenant agree to complete an inspection of the premises within one week of the tenant's taking possession of the premises and within one week of the tenant's surrendering possession of the premises. The Landlord agrees to provide the tenant in each instance with a report of the inspection that describes the condition of the premises. The Landlord may complete the inspection without the Tenant if an adult person who falls within the definition of the "Tenant" has refused to take part in two inspections suggested by the Landlord to take place on different days, on days that are not holidays and between 8:00a.m. and 8:00p.m. Tenant acknowledges that Landlord will conduct quarterly inspections.

Care of Items

The Tenant agrees to take good care of the premises and keep them in reasonably clean condition and to take good care of any items supplied to the Tenant by the Landlord pursuant to this Agreement.

No Smoking

The Tenant or any person(s) of whom the Tenant is responsible will not smoke within the Landlord's unit. If the Tenant or any other person(s) for whom the tenant is responsible smokes within the unit, the tenant agrees to pay the costs of repainting the interior of the unit and any and all additional costs of cleaning or replacing items affected by the smoke as well as to stop smoking immediately in the unit.

Locks and Security Devices

The Tenant shall not install any security devices except in a good workmanlike manner, without the prior written consent of the Landlord. Neither shall the tenant change, nor re-key, the locks without prior written consent from the Landlord. In the event that the locks are changed or re-keyed, two duplicate copies of the keys must be supplied to the Landlord within 1 business day.


The Tenant will not cause and the Tenant will ensure that the family and guests of the Tenant do not cause a nuisance or disturbance to other tenants, if any, in the same building in which the premises are located.

Assignment and Subletting

The Tenant shall not have the right to assign or sublet, nor part with possession or control of the premises or part of the premises, nor leave guests in charge of the premises without the consent of the Landlord in writing, which consent may be arbitrarily withheld. The Tenant shall not allow the premises to be used for any illegal or immoral purpose whereby any policy of insurance maintained by the Landlord may be rendered void, voidable, or subject to an increase in premium.


Tenant shall be responsible for and shall promptly pay for completion of, or to the Landlord upon demand, for the costs of any repairs or replacements to the premises or to any other property of the Landlord whether on or off the premises, provided that the costs were incurred due to the fault or neglect of the Tenant or any person for whom the Tenant is responsible such as;

  1. The costs of repairing plugged toilets, sinks and drains, and the cost of damage resulting directly thereof; and
  2. The cost of repairing or replacing all windows, screens, light fixtures, fuses, light bulbs, or fluorescent tubes damaged, broken, removed or destroyed at any time during the tenancy; and
  3. The cost of cleaning, repairing and replacing all floor coverings or other part of the premises that is soiled, damaged, water- stained or destroyed.

a) The Tenant shall dispose of all garbage from the premises in a proper manner.

b) The Tenant shall use the yard, entrance and walks in a proper manner and shall keep all walks, yards and garbage disposal areas for which the Tenant is responsible, clean and tidy at all times, free of all objectionable material, including ice and snow.

c) If the premises has a lawn in which the resident is responsible for its maintenance then the tenant is responsible to mow the lawn as it is necessary to maintain a respectable appearance and shall never exceed 6 inches in length and the Landlord reserves the right to mow it and charge the Tenant if the Tenant fails to do so.

d) If windows, doors, or patio doors are left open on the premises by the Tenant or by any person invited onto the premises by the Tenant, causing plumbing to freeze, damage by rain or water damage to the premises, the Tenant shall be responsible for any damage occasioned by such action.

e) If the property has a sky light, the Tenant acknowledges and agrees to keep it free of snow, ice and other obstructions. Any damage as a result of neglect will be charged back to the Tenant.

f) Only small picture hooks and small nails may be used for the hanging of pictures in the premises.

g) The Tenant shall be responsible for replacing glass with glass of a kind and quality similar to that which may be broken, cracked or damaged due to the negligence or willful misconduct of the Tenant or any other person or persons invited on the premises by the Tenant.

h) The hallways, passages and stairs of the building in which the premises are situated shall be used for no purpose other than going to and from the premises and the Tenant shall not in any way encumber those areas with boxes, furniture or other material or place or leave rubbish in those areas and other areas used in common with other tenants.

i) Boots and rubbers which are soiled or wet shall be removed at the entrance to the building in which the premises are located and taken into the Tenants premises.

j) The Tenant shall do no structural alterations, painting, papering or redecorating without prior written consent of the Landlord.

k) Neither the Tenant nor the Landlord shall add to or change locks on doors giving access to the premises or to any other building or property of which the premises form a part without the prior written consent of the other party.

Tenant's Insurance

It shall be the responsibility of the Tenant to insure the Tenant's property on the premises against damage or loss to such property occasioned by fire, theft and any other perils which cause such damage or loss as well as liability for no less than $1,000,000.00. Proof of such must be provided to Management prior to occupancy.